Financial Freedom

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Financial Freedom Team

Your financial freedom team is ready to help you graduate with little to no student loan debt.

Get the earning power of a McPherson College four-year degree, the financial assistance to graduate without debt, and the connections to get you started in your career.

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How does it work?​

Your financial freedom team is a mix of staff, mentors, alumni, and employers who are ready to help prepare and guide you through college.  

Andy Olsen, Financial Aid Director

Let’s start with the Merit Scholarship of up to $23,000 just based on your GPA score.

Are you a Kansas resident? Check out our Kansas Commitment FULL-TUITION package for residents who are Pell grant eligible and have a transfer or high school GPA of 2.5 or above.


Why take out loans if you don’t need to? At McPherson College, you don’t have to pay upfront for a semester. Our admissions and financial aid counselors will help determine the right aid package for you and create a pay-as-you-go plan so that you can pay monthly. No loan = no debt!

Jerry Rogers, mentor
Student Debt Project

As part of our Student Debt Project we match the wages you apply to your account at $.25 per dollar. Just work part-time while earning your degree either on or off-campus or even back home during the summer. Ask our Career Services office to help connect you with local employers in the area.

We’ll also match you with a Debt Project Mentor that you’ll meet with to discuss your schoolwork, employment, activities, and how things are going in general. They’ll review the amount applied to your account and discuss how to reach your goals. Mentors include a virtual and in-person network of McPherson College faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the college.

Amy Beckman, Career Services Director
Career Connections

2/3 of our graduates secure a job before graduation. That’s 3x the national average!

McPherson College is focused on careers. It’s a focus that begins freshman year and is incorporated across the curriculum in the classroom, through service opportunities, and in experiences outside of the classroom. The Career Services office is the hub of this effort engaging students early to begin acquiring the skills for a career and ensuring career placement when they graduate.

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Let’s get started!

Learn more about these opportunities or schedule a visit to campus and meet the team yourself!

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